Sabtu, 13 April 2013

without title

Sometimes when we feel that we really love someone, or when we say a lot of thought, because of fear, we will never think about something that maybe we did not have to think about it. Yes, it really disturbing us. In addition, when we really care about someone and we are afraid to lose. Yeah, that's reasonable. Yes, I'm afraid of losing him. I'm scared, really affraid.
A lot of people say: 'sometimes, you always strive to become OTHERS because you want to be more perfect like  them. You may change your behavior, personal, and your style. Yes, sometimes accidentally happen to you all, because, this little things that confused it's all caused by one thing, love. '

Yes, it's all I've ever experienced. What about you guys? of course, has not it? I believe 'ever' :)
although it's a natural thing, but actually we do not need to change ourselves to become someone else, because, if he loves us what us is it (baca: menyayangi kita apa adanya) , he would always to love us sincerely. In this situation however. agree? :)

well, I'm very sleepy now, it is too night, and now I want to go to sleep. Bye bloggernista:'3 see ya :)

Kamis, 11 April 2013

Shoes, shoes, and shoes (´⌣`ʃƪ)

                 Searching toko online dan nemu sepatu vintage kayak gini. Lucu banget... pengen beli:'3

             Lucuuuu:3 I really wanna this shoes very much!! :'3 or you can look another shoes in tweenie shop :)

Mixed story

Guten Tag alle! lange nicht bloggen ya!♥ akhirnya bisa ngepost juga, well, soalnya kemaren lagi UTS sih. Rasanya seneng, dan legaaaa banget UTS nya udah kelar. Abisnya sehari itu utsnya sampe 3 mapel, udah gitu pelajarannya susah-susah lagi. Tadi siang, begitu kita semua keluar dari ruang ujian, saking girang nya, mungkin ekspresi kita kayak gini nih -> (∩_∩) \(‾▿‾\) (/‾▿‾)/╭(^▽^)╯ヘ(^_^ヘ) (ノ^_^)ノ oke skip aja, pake bahasa Inggris aja ya. Biar nggak terlalu frontal gimana gitu:'p

hmm, okay I just wanna write this story, because I miss someone who I rarely see (because I have UTS yaw, haha) his name is Ihsan. Ihsan? Who? yes, he's my boyfriend, he's the dearest, he was one who could make me increased my spirit when I have down(or you can called it nge- drop again), he always make me smile and laugh again. he also could make the affection of being love and loved, and I actually understand it, like how; simple. Yes simple. Happiness is simple right? He look like a box who keep a full of jokes, smiles, and happiness I think. He is sweet as sweet as sugar=p =p  and thank you very much ya Allah, you have given me someone so special, so precious to me. hihi I love him so much: '} and  I love my family so much much much too:3 they're all my treasure in this world. yeah, love it! xoxo:'**** I don't wan't to lose you all;'( eh malah curhat kan-_-''


Okay, back to Indonesia language again. -_-v 
pernah ya, pas aku  lagi bbman atau twittean gitu dan nemu autotext kayak gini -> (・ω・)atau (ノ^ω^)ハ(^ω^ )ノ  dan (^ω^∩)ヾ(´^ω^)ノ♪  
*alay banget sih ya yampun* Oke.. sebenernya aku masih bingung dan nggak 

paham sampe sekarang itu sejenis mirip angka '3' kebalik di tengah autotext itu 

maksutnya apa. 

Apa coba.. mungkin bentuk nya biar keliatan unyu unyu gitu kali ya? tapi asli, 

itu nggak mbentuk. Sumpah itu bingungin banget wkwk , maybe I can called it 

'silhouette autotext' =)) wakakak. 

oh iya, mau nge share foto aja deh. Ini foto tadi di kantin. Abis cerita-cerita 

sampe ngakak-ngakaan.Biasalah, spend a crazy time with my crazy friends-_-v

With lomo effect. From left; Dita, Galuh, Me , Visa , And ' The little Fitri' who 

has a big voice=p