Rabu, 18 Februari 2015

Gagal Bersembunyi? Why?

 “Music is an outburst of the soul.”I. B.   

“Whenever I am sad, I play my music and it makes me happy.”
K. Y.

Some people asked, what is the relation between music and our emotion? So I will show you the answer:))

Since time immemorial, music has been embedded in life. It seeps into arts and culture, finds expression in language, and has great affect on lifestyle.

 Robert Schumann, a German composer, noted that “perhaps it is precisely the mystery of her origins which accounts for the charm of her beauty.”

Nowadays, music has become so widespread all thanks to the latest innovations and technology that permit easy access and acquisition. From the near-defunct cassette tapes, walkmans, and CD players to the more modern MP3 players and Apple’s iPod line, it has become possible for people to listen to any sort of music simultaneously, conveniently, and privately.
Music has been known to have many  Possitive effects on its listeners. In fact, a growing branch in medicine called Music Therapy is rapidly gaining popularity in recent years. This therapy claims to speed up the recovery process of patients, whether for physical therapy or post-operative recuperation. 

Listening to relaxing or stimulating music has the capacity to accelerate the process of recovery for most patients, though this effect is largely dependent on the patient’s response to it – henceforth, this kind of therapy is not the primary means for recovery, but merely supplementary.

Aside from music’s health benefits, music also enhances creativity. It has the possibility to be a muse that allows people to get their creative juices flowing. Since music is administered to both the left and right side of the brain, it can help spark inspiration that might just be a proving to be a little elusive. To most artists, listening to music can help them achieve a certain creativity or ingenuity that they would not be able to do simply on their own.

Music also has an effect in a person’s task performance, since it can change moods and give more motivation to the listener. Studies show that music does not automatically increase positive attitude, for it will ultimately depend on the manner by which the music is played. It may, however, reduce the strain of an activity. As a general rule, it is important that that listener plays music he is familiar and comfortable with, in a volume that is not too loud so as not to distract the listener. 

And by the way, I just want to share some of my fav, song from my playlist. I hope you like it^^

                                                        my favorite songs comes from           
                                                                   Maroon5 - Maps
                                               sama coverannya dari Megan Nicole , yeay

I miss the taste of a sweeter life

Aku rindu rasanya hidup yang lebih manis

I miss the conversation

Aku rindu perbincangan itu

I'm searching for a song tonight

Kucari-cari sebuah lagu malam ini

I'm changing all of the stations
Kuganti-ganti semua saluran

                                                            I like to think that we had it all

                                        Aku suka berpikir bahwa dulu kita miliki segalanya
We drew a map to a better place

Kita gambar peta ke tempat yang lebih baik

But on that road I took a fall

Tapi di jalan itu, aku terjatuh

Oh baby why did you run away

Oh kasih, mengapa kau lari
I was there for you in your darkest times

Aku ada untukmu di saat-saat terkelammu

I was there for you in your darkest nights

Aku ada untukmu di malam-malam tergelapmu

But I wonder where were you 

Tapi aku bertanya-tanya dimanakah dirimu

When I was at my worst down on my knees

Saat aku di keadaan terburukku, bersimpuh

And you said you had my back so I

Dan kau bilang kau mendukungku maka aku

wonder where were you

Bertanya-tanya dimanakah dirimu

When all the roads you took came back to me

Saat semua jalan yang kau tempuh kembali padaku

So I'm following the map that leads to you

Maka kuikuti peta yang menuju padamu

The map that leads to you

Peta yang menuju padamu

Ain't nothing I can do

Tak ada hal lain yang bisa kulakukan

The map that leads to you 

Peta yang menuju padamu

Following following following to you

Ikuti, ikuti, ikuti, padamu

The map that leads to you

Peta yang menuju padamu

Ain't nothing I can do

Tak ada hal lain yang bisa kulakukan

The map that leads to you 

Peta yang menuju padamu

Following following following

Ikuti, ikuti, ikuti

I hear your voice in my sleep at night

Kudengar suaramu di dalam tidur malamku

Hard to resist temptation

Sulit tuk melawan godaan

Cause something strange has come over me

Karena sesuatu yang aneh tlah menghampiriku

And now I can't get over you

Dan kini aku tak bisa melupakanmu

No I just can't get over you
Tidak, aku tak bisa melupakanmu

And , the third is Alesso - Heroes (We Could Be)
Lagu bikin semangat, buat temen belajar

Alive - Krewella! Sukaa banget sama musik awal-awalnya. Pianonya keren banget:3

RAN - Dekat di Hati
Suka banget deh sama nadanya, asik gitu didengerinnya, and I dont know why, selalu aja pas dengerin lagu ini ngerasa (inget) dulu pernah ngalamin, dari lirik sama yang di videonya :)))) :p

Becky G - Shower

Taylor Swift - Blank Space