Selasa, 13 Maret 2012

memories part I

Hey, I was looking through my old photos on my daddy's computer hehe. There are some cute photos which I still keep. I editt bit by bit and then I post it! See.........

This photo was taken when me and my friends at school with 9I RSBI class. in my beloved SMP Muhammadiyah 2 Yk. Let me introduce my friends that in my photos, from the right is Dilivio,Nandya,Novia and Zekha. And the top is me and Dito ;)
Free timeee :D when my else friends have eating, I'm with 6 others where taking this photos hihi
This foto was take when me and my band on air in my school's event (on air?wkwk) Tya and Jenni is the vocalist, Zata and Zekha is the Guitarist , Farrel is the drummer , and I'm the keyboardis^^
And this were taking when I was 8class JHS (8h rsbi) in Pare :D I go to there with my classmates , 7rsbi class, and my teachers too :D

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